Sahara Kingdom theme park, situated in the Attractions & Experience World in Dubailand, will cover 460,000 square metres (5,000,000 sq ft) and will combine high end virtual and physical theme park rides, attractions such as a state of the art gaming zone,IMAX theater, and integrated live and virtual entertainment shows, together with a retail zone, four hotels and residential accommodation. The theme of the development is traditional Arabia folklore and the tales of One Thousand and One Nights. Sahara Kingdom is due for completion in October 2010. Situated in Dubailand, Sahara Kingdom is a Disney Land style village, with a theme park. Upon completion it will have the Lost Cities of Arabia theme park, as well as the Hanging Garden hotel. When completed Sahara Kingdom will recreate the gleaming cities of Saaba, Babylon, Palmyra, Petra, Ubar and the City of Thieves.

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